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Ron's Fresh Baked

The yummy beginnings of Ron's Fresh Baked

Barney's story coming soon!

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Our Story

I started baking my banana bread when Claudia and I lived in Punta Gorda, Florida.  At the time, we owned an ice cream shop and we made every one of our 47 flavors of ice cream, sorbet and vegan ice cream from scratch. But for me, the aroma of fresh baked banana was too much too resist. Most times, when it cames of the oven, customers would buy as soon as it cooled.

When we sold our ice cream shop and moved to Kanab, Utah, I realized I missed baking and applied for a Utah home cottage license. Since then, I have been selling my banana bread mini-loaves (with or without walnuts) at our local farmer's market and and local events. 

Now, Kanab Create will be my primary location to sell my fresh baked goods. And because I love cookies, I will be baking and selling those as well.

Of course, when I'm not baking, I will be assisting Claudia with fluid art and other workshops.

Meet The Team

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